The Equestrians is on the quest for top tier sponsors representing music streaming, cosmetics, fashion, travel, consumer electronics, automotive, food and beverage, financial services, packaged goods, telecom, and healthcare.  Contact us to become a sponsor.

85% of equestrians are women who are influential buyers. The Equestrians is on the quest to be where they shop.

Advertisers in today’s complex marketplace face greater challenges than ever:

More and more messages fight for our ever-shrinking attention span.  Print and banners continue to lose value and relevance.  Ad blockers now increase the difficulty to even reach consumers.  And digital ads that do reach viewers are mostly interruptions and intrusions to the content people really want to see.

We see those challenges leading to a very natural solution and tremendous opportunity: The integration of relevant brands within entertainment like The Equestrians.

The Equestrians will deliver more than just product placement.  Instead, brands will be integral to the stories.

A video for co-sponsors MINI and Ox Ridge Hunt Club, featuring apparel from Cavalleria Toscana and boots from Parlanti Roma, available at Beval Saddlery.

Studies have shown that more than 60% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that delivers custom content.

Digital ad spending in the U.S. for 2015 was projected to be $58.61 billion, led by retail ($12.91 billion), automotive ($7.3 billion), financial services ($7.19 billion), telecom ($6.5 billion), consumer packaged goods ($4.98 billion), travel ($4.86 billion), computers/consumer electronics ($4.45 billion), media ($3.39 billion),entertainment ($2.81 billion), and healthcare/pharmaceutical ($1.64 billion).

The equestrian world already attracts advertisers and customers from those categories.

A video for JOTT (Just Over The Top) jackets, popular with equestrians and other active people.

With eight episodes and more than 64 stories planned, The Equestrians will provide dozens of opportunities for brands to participate at many levels of involvement.

An added bonus: Each sponsor, in addition to being part of the series, will receive its own HD video about its brand.  It’s a tremendous value.

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